Welcome to Language Assessment at Bremen – L@B

Language Assessment @ Bremen – who we are

Language Assessment @ Bremen (L@B) is a research group consisting of researchers based at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies at University of Bremen, language teachers, and language course coordinators working at the Languages Centre for the Universities in the Land Bremen (Germany).

L@B is diverse and international

Established in February 2019, the Language Assessment @ Bremen group cooperates across four universities, four cultural institutes and 21 languages. We follow a collaborative approach, which enables language teachers, course coordinators and researchers to learn from and with each other. Through cross-sectoral collaboration and exchange also with guest researchers and institutions worldwide, we promote a multi-perspective view on language learning, testing, and assessment. Our work and findings are published in both national and international journals and presented at conferences in Germany and around the globe.

Our research interests and activities

L@B group activities comprise of collaborative work on applied projects and research dealing with all issues around language testing and assessment. Current projects and research include, for instance, the alignment of local exams to the learning and teaching objectives referring to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), research into language assessment literacy, or a multi-perspective and mixed-method research project on the linguistic integration of international students and students with a refugee background into the Higher Education context. Research into autonomous language learning (tutore programme – approach), the construct of integrated writing tasks, speaking assessment in the schooling context and the role of language assessment in transition phases are also topics members of our group work on.
The coordinator of L@B is Claudia Harsch, Professor for Research into Language Learning and Teaching at Bremen University and Director of the Languages Centre for the Universities in the Land Bremen. Between 2016-2019, Claudia Harsch was President of the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment, EALTA (http://www.ealta.eu.org/).