Paraskevi (Voula) Kanistra


Paraskevi (Voula) Kanistra is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bremen. She holds an MA in Language Testing from Lancaster University. She works for Trinity College London as the Head of Validation.

Her experience entails using the Rasch model to build validity arguments for performance-based and objectively-scored language assessment instruments as well as training junior test analysts to conduct Rasch analysis through WINSTEPS & FACETS. Throughout her career in language testing and assessment, she has held several positions ranging from item writer, examiner trainer, rater trainer and senior test analyst to Head of Validation.

Throughout her career, she has extensively used Rasch measurement theory to analyse language test data and data from standard setting studies. As a freelance language test analyst and an assessment consultant, she worked on devising balanced-incomplete block design (BIBD) to administer pretest items and advised on rater monitoring procedures and standard setting issues. Voula has presented at major conferences such as EALTA, LTF, ALTE, NARIC and CALTA. She won the Outstanding Student Presentation Award in November 2018 at the LTF conference. Voula was also one of the main translators of the ILTA code of ethics into Greek and co-authored practice examination books. Her main interests are Rasch measurement theory, standard setting, data forensics, and validation.