Presentations & Workshops


08/2020, Anika Müller-Karabil, Claudia Harsch Circumstances Matter: Language Learning after Forced Migration. AILA Conference, Groningen / Netherlands (Presentation). [accepted – conference cancelled]

05/2020, Christine Ringwald, Claudia Harsch, Anika Müller-Karabil, Jahnke, Annette, Lavagno, Antonella: Combining local needs and global frameworks: Insights into a development and benchmarking project. EALTA Conference, Budapest / Hungary (Poster) [accepted – conference cancelled]


9/2019, Christine Ringwald: “Does everyone understand?” How formative assessment can support student learning. Teachers’ Day, Saarbrücken (teacher training).

6/2019, Christine Ringwald: German High School Students‘ Preparedness for English-Medium Bachelor Programs. EALTA Conference, Dublin (presentation).

07/2020, Anika Müller-Karabil, Claudia Harsch: Sprachlernwege geflüchteter Menschen im Vorbereitungsstudium. Symposium „Studium gleich Integration? Integrationsdynamiken und Kompetenzen in der deutschen Hochschullandschaft“, Hannover (Präsentation)

5/2019, Anika Müller-Karabil, with Claudia Harsch: From language class to higher education: assessing refugees in transition. EALTA Conference, Dublin (presentation).

3/2019, Anika Müller-Karabil: Sprachliche Vorbereitung und akademische *Integration* von Geflüchteten an Hochschulen. DGFF-Nachwuchstagung, Gießen (presentation)

3/2019, Anika Müller-Karabil: „Allmählich kann ich mich daran gewöhnen…“: Sprachliche, soziale und akademische *Integration* von Geflüchteten an Hochschulen. Bremer Symposion, Bremen (presentation).

3/2019, Ulrike Berthold, Anika Müller-Karabil, Aysun Ucan, Gesine von Ribbeck: Deutsch für das Studium – Sprachprogramm für Geflüchtete (Fremdsprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen / Goethe-Institut Bremen). Bremer Symposion, Bremen (presentation)

3/2019, Anika Müller-Karabil, Ringwald, Christine, Sibylle Seyferth: Evaluation von (Test-)Aufgaben zum Leseverstehen. Bremer Symposion, Bremen (workshop).

3/2019, Christine Ringwald: Zur schulischen Vorbereitung auf ein englischsprachiges Studium. DGFF-Nachwuchstagung, Gießen (presentation).

3/2019, Christine Ringwald, Mahaes Kayser, Violetta Kozik-Rafii, Antonella Lavagno: Interaktive Sprechaufgaben bewerten: Sprachübergreifende Testspezifikationen und Checklisten in der Praxis. Bremer Symposion, Bremen (workshop).


09/2018, Christine Ringwald: “Das ist dann nicht sehr akademisch” –  Schulische Vorbereitung auf ein englischsprachiges Studium. AEPF Tagung, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg. (presentation)

07/2018, Claudia Harsch: Symposium (Organiser and Moderator) on The role of language tests for immigration, integration and participation – from critical analyses to inclusive approaches. LTRC Christchurch, New Zealand.

Paper in the symposium with Peppi Taalas and Anika Müller-Karabil: Integrating refugees into Higher Education in Europe – the role of language and other challenges.
Paper with Antonella Lavagno & Sibylle Seyferth: Consistency in times of change – marrying proficiency with achievement.
Poster with Ivonne de la Caridad Collada Peña, Pedro Castro Alvarez, Santiago Jorge Rivera Pérez:  Managing change: Developing an English proficiency certification system for graduation in Cuban higher education.

07/2018, Claudia Harsch, with Li Li: An investigation, of the students’ perspective, on the relationship between IELTS writing preparation and academic writing in a British university. Pacific-rim Objective Measurement Symposium, Fudan University, Shanghai. (presentation)

07/2018, Claudia Harsch: Revising achievement exams – marrying them with CEFR proficiency levels. School of Education, University of Sidney, Australia. (guest lecture)

07/2018, Claudia Harsch: Is my B2 your B2? What contribution can the CEFR realistically make to test equivalence? Languagetesting Research Center, University of Melbourne, Australia. (guest lecture)

06/2018, Claudia Harsch: Reform the Austrian Matura. Legacy and Challenges. Symposium in honour of Dr. Carol Spoettl Language Testing Research Group, Universität Innsbruck, Österreich. (keynote)

05/2018, Sibylle Seyferth: pre-conference meeting, special interest group classroom-based language assessment: Research collaboration as one gateway to language assessment literacy? EALTA conference 2018, Bochum, Germany. (presentation)

05/2018, Anika Müller-Karabil, with Claudia Harsch: The role of language and other factors fot the academic integration of refugees. EALTA Conference Bochum, Germany. (presentation)

05/2018, Claudia Harsch, with Benjamin Kremmmel and Steffen Brandt: Introducing LaPlace – Language Placement for Displaced People. EALTA conference Bochum, Germany. (presentation)

05/ 2018, Christine Ringwald: Are You Ready for the Transition to Higher Education? The Preporatory Power of the German Abitur for English Medium Bachelor Degree Programms. EALTA Conference, Bochum, Germany. (presentation)

05/ 2018, Paraskevi Voula Kanistra: Exploring the feasibility of using the Item Descriptor Matching (ID) method to set cut scores on a B2 CEFR level examination. CEFR SIG, Bochum, Germany. (presentation)

05/ 2018, Paraskevi Voula Kanistra: Can mechanically engineered cut scores offset the challenges of maintaining the standards of computer and paper-based tests? EALTA, Bochum, Germany. (presentation)

05/ 2018 , Prof. Dr. Claudia Harsch, with Paraskevi Voula Kanistra: Technology-enhanced delivery of an innovative standard setting method. (presentation)

2018, Paraskevi Voula Kanistra: Revalidating a CEFR benchmarking study in a virtual environment. LTF Conference (Crella), England. (presentation)