PhD Projects

PhD Project Stephanie Bergmann

Plurilingualism in language classrooms in higher education

PhD Project Valeriia Koval

Assisted and unassisted rating of source-text use in the context of integrated academic writing

PhD Project Henning Vahlenkamp

Interaction and learning pathways in peer tutored autonomous language learning (Working title)

PhD Project Anika Müller-Karabil

Journeys into higher education: The role of language and other factors for the academic integration of refugees

PhD Project Paraskevi Voula Kanistra (completed)

Exploring the feasibility of using the Item Descriptor (ID) method to set cut scores on a B2 level test

PhD Project Sonja Zimmermann (completed)

Validating integrated writing tasks – A mixed-method approach to investigating the construct of summarisation“ (Working title)

PhD Project Sibylle Seyferth (completed)

Classroom-based language assessment of oral competences in foreign language teaching