08/2008, Claudia Harsch, with André A. Rupp, Raphaela Oehler and Guido Martin: Rating Quality of Uni-level Writing Taskslinked to the CEFR: Results from G-theory and Facets Analyses. AERA Conference, New York, USA. (presentation)

05/2008, Claudia Harsch, with Guido Martin: Evaluation and Control of Rater Reliability: Holistic vs. Analytic Scoring. EALTA Conference, Athens, Greece. (presentation)

04/2008, Claudia Harsch, with Konrad Schröder: Bridging the Gap: How to Introduce Rating Techniques into the FL Classroom. ALTE Conference, Cambridge, UK. (presentation)

03/2008, Claudia Harsch, with Johannes Hartig: Item difficulty modelling. Kolloquium „Methoden der empirischen Bildungsforschung“, Hirschegg, Österreich. (presentation)