12/2012, Claudia Harsch: Aligning Writing Assessment to the Common European Framework. University of Helsinki, Finland. (guest lecture)

11/2012, Claudia Harsch, with Johannes Hartig: Effects of selected item characteristics on difficulty and dimensionality of receptive tests. Language Testing Forum, Bristol, UK. (presentation)

05/2012, Claudia Harsch: Writing Assessment and the Common European Framework of Reference. 11th International ELT Convention at the Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Workshop Rating approaches: top-down or bottom-up? (plenary talk)

05/2012, Anika Müller, with Sonja Zimmermann: Is there academic writing without reading? – Results from a needs analysis. EALTA Conference Innsbruck, Austria. (presentation)

03/2012, Claudia Harsch, with Carol Spoettl: From principle to practice in writing assessment: What can we learn from large-scale tests for classroom assessment? IATEFL TEASIG Pre-Conference Event, Glasgow, UK. (presentation)