06/2013, Claudia Harsch: The dual nature of tests: research instrument, and object of research. Post – Graduate Research Conference in Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick, UK. (pre- conference workshop)

05/2013, Claudia Harsch: Issues in language assessment. Leuphana – Universität Lüneburg, Institute for English Studies, Deutschland. (guest lecture)

05/2013, Claudia Harsch, with Johannes Hartig: What are we aligning tests to when we report test alignment to the CEFR? EALTA Conference, Istanbul, Turkey. (presentation)

03/2013, Claudia Harsch: Assessing Writing: Investigating different rating approaches in terms of their validity. International Seminar at the Regional English Language Centre, Singapore. Workshop Comparing holistic and analytic rating approaches. (keynote)

03/2013, Claudia Harsch: Enhancing Integration through training and assessing intercultural skills. Integration Summit, University of Warwick, UK. (conference workshop)