11/2014, Claudia Harsch: Experiences from introducing Educational Monitoring in Germany. ALTE Conference, London, UK. (plenary talk)

11/2014, Claudia Harsch, with Ema Ushioda and Christophe Ladroue: Predictive Validity of TOEFL iBT®: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives. Language Testing Forum, Southampton, UK. (poster)

06/2014, Claudia Harsch Organiser and Chair Symposium Item – Difficulty Modeling at the LTRC Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Paper presentation with Johannes Hartig: Towards a universal framework of difficulty – determining characteristics – comparing listening and reading test items

Work in Progress Presentation with Ema Ushioda, Simon French: Could a “universal framework” improve TOEFL iBT® score interpretation for students /tutors? (presentation)

04/2014, Claudia Harsch: From norm – to standards – based assessment. CBSE – CAER International Conference, New Delhi, India. (keynote)

04/2014, Anika Müller-Karabil, with Claudia Pop: Fair Assessment for impaired test-takers – problems and prospects, ALTE Conference Paris, Spain. (presentation)

04/2014, Claudia Harsch Intercultural Competencies for entering the global workplace – a possible approach to assessment and validation. ALTE Conference, Paris, France. (presentation)