09/2015, Claudia Harsch: Exploring the potential of dynamic assessment for fostering students’ interculturality. IEREST Symposium, University of Bologna, Italy. (keynote)

08/2015, Claudia Harsch: Designing Good English Tests: From Defining Learning Objectives to Formulating a Test Blueprint. King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (workshop)

06/2015, Claudia Harsch: Conceptualising English as a Lingua Franca for assessment purposes. BAAL Seminar, University of York, UK. (keynote)

05/2015, Claudia Harsch, with Ema Ushioda and Christophe Ladroue: Predictive Validity of TOEFL iBT® – informing admissions policy/practice in a UK setting. EALTA conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. (presentation)

04/2015, Claudia Harsch: Using Dynamic Assessment for Fostering and Assessing Intercultural Competences among University Students. Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Language (ETAL) Seminar, UK. (guest lecture)

03/2015, Claudia Harsch, with Johannes Hartig: C-tests outperform Y/N vocabulary tests as predictors of receptive language skills. LTRC Toronto, Canada. (presentation)

2015, M. Kaiser, with Anna Makarova: Content & Language Integrated learning. Do EAP Textbooks meet the Pedagogical of Providing Teaching Materials for Diverse EAP Classrooms? Symposium, Bremen. (talk)