12/2017, Claudia Harsch: Interkulturalität fördern mit Critical Incidents. Deutschlehrertag des Goethe – Instituts und der Deutsch – Jordanischen Universität, Amman, Jordanien. (guest lecture and workshop)

07/2017, Claudia Harsch, with Sibylle Seyferth and Anikó Brandt: Developing assessment literacy in a dynamic collaborative project: what teachers, assessment coordinators, and assessment researchers can learn from and with each other. LTRC, Bogota, Columbia. (presentation)

07/2017, Claudia Harsch: Assessment Literacy for Higher Education – setting up aCuban Network of Language Testers. In collaboration with Ivonne de la Caridad Collada Peña, University of Informatics Sciences, Havana, Cuba, supported by a travel grant from the International Association of Language testing and Assessment. (workshop)

06/2017, Claudia Harsch: Assessment Literacy entwickeln – ein kollaboratives Projekt mit Lehrenden, Koordinatorinnen und Forschenden. Ringvorlesung im Graduiertenkolleg Unterrichtsprozesse an der Universität Koblenz – Landau. (guest lecture)

06/2017, Claudia Harsch: Language learning and teaching resources: using synergies between teachers and researchers. Launch of the Language Learning Resource Centre at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. (guest lecture)

05/2017, Claudia Harsch: Use (and misuse?) of the CEFR in educational and other assessment contexts. Research Gro up Language & Education at the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium. (guest lecture)

06/2017, Claudia Harsch: Refugees and their language learning journeys into higher education in Germany. EALTA conference, Paris, France. (presentation)

2017, Claudia Harsch, with Paraskevi Voula Kanistra: Using the Item Descriptor Matching method when aligning exams to the CEFR. CEFR SIG, London, England. (presentation)

2017, Paraskevi Voula Kanistra: Exploring the feasibility of using the Item Descriptor Matching (ID) method to set cut scores on an examination suite aiming at different CEFR levels. ALTE CEFR SIG, Leuven, Belgium. (presentation)