Project 7

Placement tests: Piloting and Linking C-Tests to the CEFR

Partners: YUFE / SZHB (University of Bremen) and LaPlace e.V.


The University of Bremen is part of YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe), a network of European Universities and external partners. Their aim is the development of an inclusive, student-centred European University (for more information on YUFE see: Promoting multilingualism is a key feature of YUFE, and (virtual) language classes are to be a vital component of the YUFE study programs. In this context, a quick, easy and free-of-charge placement procedure is a desirable asset for students, language teachers and course managers alike.


Within this project, we work on expanding, piloting and calibrating an existing C-test battery which has been developed by language testing experts from LaPlace, an NGO working in the field of education (for more information on LaPlace see

The overall aim of the project is to provide both cooperation partners, namely the YUFE and the LaPlace network, with a ready-to-go, free-of-charge online placement test which informs test takers and / or language teachers about the test taker’s (rough) CEFR-level. The tests are used within low-stakes-contexts only, the main purpose being language class placement.  Test takers will be students (mainly YUFE) and / or displaced persons (mainly LaPlace).


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